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The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy calls on Members of Parliament to vote in favor of the Justice System Reform

Today, on 18 July 2016, CFFE called on all Members of Parliament to vote FOR the Justice Reform. Each Member of Parliament received a personalized written call which stressed the primary importance of this reform for democracy in Albania and was seeking their votes of support. Believing that every moment of misused and lost opportunity would lead to unnecessary delays that would harm Albanians, CFFE stressed in this call the personal responsibility of each MP towards Albanian citizens.

In further support of the Justice Reform, CFFE also joined the Citizens’ Group For the Justice Reform (CGJR), represented by non-profit organizations, civil society activists, public figures and ordinary citizens. While the Justice Reform is going to be voted in Parliament on July 21, CGJR organized today’s peaceful demonstration in front of the Parliament in support of the Justice Reform.

CFFE Press Statement in the framework of the Election Situation Room “The Election Room for the Electoral Reform”

In the framework of the Election Situation Room's project, CFFE aims at the promotion of depoliticization and professionalism of the election management bodies (EMB) in Albania and lobbing to the Ad Hoc Committee on Electoral Reform to guarantee such a standard in the Electoral Code. In fulfilling this goal, CFFE will work with political parties and not against them to guarantee the best standard and practices in election management. CFFE believes that the depoliticizing of electoral management and the guaranteeing of professionalism in every level of the administration of elections is in the interest of political parties and voters alike and serves the general public interest for free and fair elections. We are aware that not all political parties share the same opinion. Especially the major parliamentary parties are still reluctant to break away from the concept of management of elections as a privilege and not as a civic responsibility. But we consider this fact a source for greater motivation. We understand that more work, persistence and dialogue is needed until we arrive at the depoliticization of election management.

STATEMENT - ”The Electoral Reform serving the Aim of Free and Fair Elections”

Tiranë, 24.05.2016. The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and for Sustainable Democracy (CFFE) continues to actively monitor the latest developments on the electoral reform in Albania. 

The meetings of the Ad Hoc Committee on Electoral Reform have been conducted, so far without the participation of local civil society organizations. Moreover, although the initial three-month period for the completion of the work of the Committee is coming to an end, there has been no discussion yet on the modalities of public consultations and open meetings that were foreseen in the Decision for the creation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Electoral Reform. 

The Committee does not have a page to display its work for all interested stakeholders that are following the process of the electoral reform. The only available information in the page of the Albanian Parliament, regards the composition of the Committee.  This page lacks any information on the work plan, work conduct and records of meetings as well as on studies or proposals from other actors and interested stakeholders.