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Press Release - Need for a Comprehensive Electoral Reform

Tirana, September 9, 2015, 10:00 hrs– The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) presented the final report with findings, conclusions and recommendations deriving from the CFFESD observation of the Local Elections of June 21st, 2015.

"Overall, the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and for Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) assesses that while Election Day was peaceful and orderly, the pre and post-election periods featured a number of shortcomings in light of both national legislation and international standards for free and fair elections." – said Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti, CFFESD Team Leader.

"The work of Election Management Bodies (EMBs) was highly influenced and dependent upon the will of political parties. Another characteristic of the work of EMBs at all levels, particularly with the second and third tier commissions, was a lack of substantial transparency, as they failed to fully and timely inform the public on their meetings and publish decisions."– said Ms. Mirela Bogdani, CFFESD lawyer.

"Ballot counting is one of the most precarious parts of elections in Albania. The process is threatened by the lack of transparency from the closing of VCs and transportation of ballot boxes to Ballot Counting Centers (BCCs) to the processes inside BCCs. Moreover, the layout of Counting Centers, with multiple tables and counting teams, does not provide for a transparent view for observers due to the unsuitable distance from counting tables." - said Dhimitër Gjodede, Long term Observer Coordinator.

"Political parties failed to fully honor their commitment to increase women's participation in the electoral process; the under-representation of women in EMBs continues to be of concern, in particular the second and third tier commissions. Additionally, although the Electoral Code provides methods and assistance for voters who cannot vote independently, these elections did not respect them." - said Erjona Mulellari, Short term Observer Coordinator.

"CFFESD urges Parliament to immediately initiate public discussions with all relevant stakeholders on Electoral Reform that addresses long-standing OSCE/ODIHR recommendations as well as issues identified by in this last election cycle."- said Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti, CFFESD Team Leader.

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More details and findings can be found at: Website: www.kzln.org.al
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The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) is an independent, non-partisan
organization to promote civic participation in elections and in securing sustainable democracy. CFFESD focuses on issues that influence the upholding of human rights, gender equality and the rights of people with disabilities. CFFESD as of June 6, 2015 consists of 30 partner organizations and hundreds of Albanian citizens who volunteer their time to CFFESD's efforts for the Local Elections of June 21, 2015.This project on local election observation is supported by Assist Impact through funding provided by USAID and with the technical assistance from the National Democratic Institute (NDI).