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The Ad Hoc Committee should resume work for the Electoral Reform without delay

Tirana, 26.09.2016. The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and for Sustainable Democracy (CFFE) continues to actively monitor the latest developments on the electoral reform in Albania, as well as to contribute with analysis and suggestions for a comprehensive electoral reform which will be valid in the long term.

CFFE joins OSCE's call regarding the Ad Hoc Committee on Electoral Reform, to resume work as soon as possible, in order for the electoral reform to adequately address electoral issues in Albania, in a timely manner, before the 2017 Parliamentary Elections.
Dear Members of Parliament, we urge you to not postpone until the last minute this important and vital issue for free and fair elections in Albania.

CFFE calls on this Committee to consider the issue of Electoral Management Bodies' (EMBs) independence in Albania. The massive replacement of commissioners in Voting Center Commissions and Counting Teams one day before the partial local elections in Dibër, proved once again the urgent need to address a number of problems associated with the monopoly of the Albanian political parties towards EMBs and their abuse.

Through a public roundtable in the framework of the Election Room, on September 20, 2016, CFFE presented a coherent model of changes in relation to increasing the independence of election administration in Albania, which will be proposed to the Ad Hoc Committee on Electoral Reform as soon as it resumes work. One of our most important suggestions is to transfer the right to replace commissioners from political parties to the CEC . Certainly, depoliticization of EMBs should be a priority issue for this reform, and even if it decides to avoid addressing this issue, at least the reform should provide convincing and long-term solutions regarding EMBs and electoral processes in general in Albania.

CFFE has earlier expressed its readiness to contribute to the reform process with its expertise and with concrete suggestions, especially in regard to EMBs.

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and for Sustainable Democracy (CFFE) is an independent, non-partisan organization established to promote civic participation for sustainable democracy and monitoring of the electoral process. CFFE focuses on issues that influence the upholding of human rights, gender equality and the rights of people with disability. CFFE consists of 30 partner organizations and hundreds of Albanian citizens who volunteer their time to CFFE's efforts and actions since 2013.

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