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Training of Trainers training for STO

During June 2 and 3, 2015 was organized in Tirana the training of trainers where 27 individuals (11 male and 16 female). They are long term collaborators, members of partner organizations and representatives of CFFESD This trainer's team will be responsible for the conducting 50 training sessions for 1100 short term observers all over Albania.
The training sessions conducted based on the specific manual prepared for this activity. The trainers trained to teach STOs how they should observe during the Election Day (E-Day). The observation during E-day will be based in a questionnaire with different questions about the election process during the E-day. In addition a critical incident form and a complain form will be given to the observers for cases of incidents. CFFESD will build a statistical program to elaborate the reporting from the STOs on the E-day. The entire process was to explain to the trainers in order they are ready to explain the processes to the STOs they will train.

It was essential for all the participants to understand the responsibilities that the Coalition for Free Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) delegates to them. Trainers are the persons who will be in contact with each observer. That's why their work quality is really essential. Short term observers have a role of great importance not only in the collecting and reporting of data but also in representing CFFESD in June 21st 2015. As well, they all went through a testing system.