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Press Release - Preliminary Results of the Monitoring process of the Primary Health Care Centers all over Albania

Press Release - Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy
Publishes the Preliminary Results of the Monitoring process of the Primary Health Care Centers all over Albania


For immediate release:

The monitoring of 550 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) continues all over Albania.
Tirana, on 16th of October 2014, at 2 p.m. – The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) unveiled today (Thursday) the preliminary results of the monitoring of 550 PHCC conducted all over Albania. The monitoring was aimed at evaluating the health care service in the selected centers from the official opening hours as well as a series of other aspects related to the performance of the service provided by PHCC to the broad Albanian public.
From 10:00 to 12:00, the telephone operators stationed within the premises of the Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) received information on the first part of the questionnaire in real time from the 550 observers located in selected PHCC according to a random and comprehensive selection procedure.

We received data from 99.4 % deployed to the random and representative sample of health center throughout Albania, or in absolute numbers 547 out of 550 monitored centers. Our data are reliable within 3.7 margin of error with 95% confidence interval.

1. 15.32 % of PHCC in Albania resulted to be temporarily closed or were not functioning for different reasons. 3 % of the above mentioned figure are key PHCC, while 18% of small health centers (ambulances) do not function. Biggest problems with not functioning Health centers are in Gjirocaster, Korce, Kukes, Lezhe and Vlore.
2. There were no doctors present in 38% of PCCC at the moment of the opening of the centers.
3. In 26.6% of the monitored PHCC there were not visible boards bearing the name of the center.
4. In 75% of PHCC there was no reception desk and no access to a telephone.
5. On a positive note majority of health centers opened on time, in only 10% of health centers patients had to wait for medical services but reasons for that were objective. This situation was recorded in large health centers in Tirana and Vlore.
6. In 39% of health centers throughout the Albania fees for services is not visibly posted.

"The situation in relation to the readiness of PHCC to receive disabled people was concerning. 90 % of health care centers in Albania are not suited to welcome that category of people. The figure is valid for all 2216 PHCC all over Albania since the 550 monitored PHCC were selected according to statistical principles,", said Mrs. Mirela Arqimandriti, the team leader, and representative of GADC which is a partner organization in the Coalition.
"86% percent of the key PHCC do not provide laboratory services," said Mrs. Blerta Balilaj, monitoring manager.
In 13% of the PHCC there were no services for pregnant women and family planning, stressing that this service is missing in 8 % of the key PHCC and in 15 % of the small ones" said Erjona Mulellari, project coordinator.

The project for the Monitoring of Health Care Centers is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Assist Impact.
Besides the assessment of the performance of health care centers, the project intends to empower Albanian citizens to enhance their monitoring capacities on several different processes which impact on the increase of responsibility of the Albanian democratic institutions.
The observers will continue to be located in the selected centers until closing hours and will convey the entire information to the telephone center in Tirana.
More in-depth analysis of the obtained data will be offered in a press conference on Tuesday, 21st of October, 2014, at 11 a.m., at Hotel Rogner, Vienna Hall, Tirana, together with concrete conclusions and recommendations for improvement.
Press releases will be announced through social networks and electronic means including the processed graphic data, which will be published on the official website of the CFFESD.

The entire information on the progress of the project as well as the results of the scientific and research work shall be found at:
Website: www.kzln.org.al
Facebook: Koalicioni per Zgjedhje te Lira e të Ndershme
Twitter: KZLN_CFFE

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Team Leader of the Project "Monitoring of the Health Centers in Albania"
Executive Director of the Gender Alliance for Development Center

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