Research Study - Monitoring of the Primary Health Care System in Albania

The main goal of this survey was the investigation of primary health care centers in Albania through a statistical selection of a number of them with a 3.6 % tolerance of error for primary health centers and 4.3 % for ambulatory centers. The survey aimed at engaging the Albanian citizens to carry out the survey as they are the principal stakeholders in high quality health care. The survey was based on a questionnaire and administered by 550 trained enumerators. The representative health centers were selected among the data received from the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Directorate in all twelve regions of Albania. All data was gathered within a single day and was processed with software specifically developed for this observation with thirteen operators stationed in Tirana to collect and enter the survey answers. This survey contains important data on the operation of primary health care centers, analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the primary health care system in Albania and recommendations for the Ministry of Health, the health centers themselves, the Mandatory Health Care Insurance Fund, and Albanian civil society organizations.


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