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Coalition for Free and Fair Elections Second Report – Tirana District

23 June, 18.00 - The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (the Coalition) has deployed 350 voters to a random, representative sample of voters in the Qark of Tirana. In addition to reporting on the voting process, Coalition observers immediately report any incident that may significantly impact the voting process at the voting center they observed at. 

  • Up to 15:30, the Coalition has received 70 incidents at 69 different centers from their observers. Most of the incidents received so far are isolated and do not appear to reflect any larger trends.
  • The most common type of incident reported has been voters being allowed to vote for someone other than themselves, most often for a family member. Coalition observers have reported 16 incidents involving over 50 voters at 13 voting centers of voters being allowed to vote for someone other than themselves. This is a clear violation of the election code and all instances of family voting should be thoroughly investigated.
  • The Coalition also noticed 25 of instances of people assisting voters who cannot vote themselves and not signing the voting center declaration.
  • The data received by the Coalition shows that there have been 30 cases in 5 voting centers where voters fingers were either not checked for ink or who were not inked prior to voting. These cases appear to be the result of administrative error but should be addressed so that the regularity of the process is not questioned. The Coalition is aware of only one voting center, voting center number 2072 in CEAZ 29, which did not receive indelible ink and therefore could not carry out the inking process.

Coalition observers have filed 50 official written complaints at voting centers based on the incidents they have witnessed. The Coalition will make a preliminary statement on Monday at 12:00. More information on the voting process is available at www.kzln.org . Please follow the Coalition on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on the voting and counting process.

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections is an independent, non-partisan Coalition established by three civil society organizations to promote civic participation in and monitoring of the electoral process.

The Coalition project on election observation is being assisted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) through funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Austrian Development Agency, Civil Rights Defenders, the Open Society Foundation Albania, and most importantly, by the hundreds of Albanian citizens who volunteer their time to CFFE efforts for the Parliamentary Elections of June 23rd, 2013.

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