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Long-term Observers Training

On 17th, 18th and 19th of May 2015, CFFESD organized, in Tirana, three one days' sessions for training the Long term Observers (LTOs). The training sessions conducted based on the manual prepared for this activity. 95 LTOs appointed to follow the work of the Commissions of the Electoral Administration Zones and the general electoral situation in each EAZ. The monitoring process will be based in two main LTOs forms: the main questionnaire and the critical incidents forms. Both forms are based on the international standards of the election monitoring process.

Press release - Kickoff event to present the project for monitoring the 2015 Local Elections in Albania

[Tirana, May 18, 2015]. The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) presented today in Tirana the project to monitor the 2015 local elections. CFFESD will deploy 90 long-term observers in 90 Electoral Administration Zones (EAZ) and 1000 short-term observers on the Election Day throughout the entire country. Additionally, CFFESD will monitor the counting and tabulation of votes in all of the 90 Ballot Counting Centers.
Through the implementation of this project, CFFESD will monitor all three phases of the electoral process: the pre-election campaign, Election Day and the Vote Counting Process. In addition, CFFESD will monitor the activity of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Voting Center Commissions (VCCs) and the Electoral College. CFFESD will not project the election results.

"The primary goal of CFFESD is to contribute to increasing the transparency, freeness and fairness of election processes in Albania. CFFESD's observation methodology is based on international standards and allows us to provide an objective and transparent observation of the 2015 local elections. The accurate and objective data that we collect from our observers will allow us to assess the quality of the voting and counting processes and issue recommendations for the improvement of future election processes in Albania," said Mirela Arqimandriti, Team Leader of the Project.

Press release - Electoral campaigns must be conducted free of violence, obstruction and intimidation

Electoral campaigns must be conducted free of violence, obstruction and intimidation

[Tirana, May 11, 2015]. Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) appeals Albanian political parties, that will be represented in Coalitions or alone in the electoral campaign for Local Government Election dated 21 June 2015, as well as independent candidates, to organize electoral campaigns in line with democratic principles of free and fair election, existing election laws and regulations, with high responsibility and dignity.