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The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and Sustainable Democracy to Observe Performance of Health-Centers throughout Albania



The Coalition for Free and Fair Election and Sustainable Democracy (CFFESD) will incorporate statistical observation principles already applied for June 2013 parliamentary election for monitoring of performances of health-centers throughout the Albania. Methodology CFFESD will apply for health-centers research will not fundamentally differ from the methodology used for elections monitoring (commonly known as Statistically Based Observation – SBO) which is powerful tool that will allow organization to confidently and systematically assess the performances of health-centers, their satellites and compare those services provided by both, heath-centers and their satellites.

How it will work?
CFFESD will deploy 550 stationary monitors on the representative sample of health-centers and their satellites throughout Albania. Observers will be present at the deployed location for the entire day during the working hours of the health-center and/or satellite and will collect relevant information that will allow CFFESD to evaluate the performances of the health-centers and satellites. Day of the observation will be during October, 2014.

Final Report - 2013 Parliamentary Elections


The 2013 Parliamentary Elections were largely conducted successfully and helped facilitate a peaceful and uncontested political transition. The elections of June 23 and their compliance with recognized international standards will further Albania's integration into the European Union.
The Coalition for Free and Fair Election (CFFE) observed the June 23rd Parliamentary Election by analyzing the work and decisions of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and, the pre-election period - with special focus on the women's political participation and rights of persons with disabilities and the Election Day by deploying 350 fixed observers to a random, representative sample of voting centers in the Tirana district and another 100 observers outside of Tirana. The CFFE also observed the counting process in all 18 Ballot Counting Centers (BCCs) in the district of Tirana.

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Statement - Results of the Observation of the Counting Process in the Tirana Election District - Parliamentary Elections 2013

Tirana, 27 June 2013 – The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (CFFE) is pleased to report that the counting process in the Tirana election district successfully concluded on the evening of June 26, 2013. The counting process in the district of Tirana proceeded in a calm and orderly environment. While the process was marked by significant delays, votes were observed to have generally been counted accurately and fairly in all 18 BCCs. This represents a significant improvement over past counting processes and a positive step toward building public confidence in the election process.

CFFE would like to commend the actions of Albania's political leaders in making conciliatory statements as the election results became clear, culminating in Prime Minister Sali Berisha's concession speech on June 26th. These statements helped ease tensions and will hopefully set-up a peaceful and amicable political transition.

In conclusion of July 23, 2013 general elections, CFFE is regretful to observe that:

  • Persons with disabilities will not have a representative of their own in the upcoming Albanian Parliament.